Fabric Damage Claim

Fabric Damage Claim

As a professional dry cleaner, we are so confident that your garments are thoroughly cleaned and cared with professional manners. We strictly follow the garment care instruction given by the manufacturers of your garments.

Since each textile are made different and blending methods for spinning are changing every day, each individual garment has its own characteristics. If your garment is shrunk or lost its original texture after we professionally cleaned your garments by following the garment care instruction, neither of you nor we are responsible for such damages.

If this is a case, we are reporting any damages to the manufacturers on behalf of you, and the damages will be covered in most cases. The damaged garments may be replaced with the same design or refund. Some restrictions are applied to the manufacturer’s assessment as they are considering ages of your garments.

However, don't worry. We are on your side. We will explain the case better to the manufacturer. Please fill out the form and leave your damaged garments on us. As soon as we get heard from the manufacturer, we will contact you.

Should you have the purchase receipt, please attach to this form so that we can expedite the whole process for your reimbursement. Thank you very much for doing business with us. We will always do our best to serve you even better.